• Hand Dryer 3000A
  • Hand Dryer 3000A
Hand Dryer 3000AHand Dryer 3000A

Hand Dryer 3000A

  • Product description: Hand Dryer 3000A

Hand Dryer 3000A

·Brand new developed Johnson AC Motor with breakthrough technique brings a 1400 hours ultra-long lifespan.
·Providing amazing wind speed, one of the best score in this class.
·Extremely quiet, make the pets and groomers more comfortable.
·2 stage heating setting and 2 stage speed control.
·1800/2000 Watts of drying power ensure a quicker drying time.
·Specific feature thermal overload protection to safeguard the motor from extreme temperatures.Hand Pet Dryer 3000AHand Pet Dryer 3000A


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