• Pet Dryer PBD-70 Paige
  • Pet Dryer PBD-70 Paige
Pet Dryer PBD-70 PaigePet Dryer PBD-70 Paige

Pet Dryer PBD-70 Paige

  • Product description: Powerful single motor dryer

Pet Dryer PBD-70 Paige single motor

Portable, compact, and easy to transport and store. Equipped with additional heating unit, Scirocco Dryer are versatile combination blaster and dryer.

Also more suitable in winter for cold regions.

-Double padded compartment design, effective cooling, surface insulation, noise reduction shock.
-ABS resin shell creates a layer of safety barrier for you and dryer, blocking part of the high temperature generated from surface fro long time operation.
-Innovative circuit and motor safety isolation technology to reduce the failure rate and increase the service life.
-All-copper movement and longer widening carbon brush, make a 3 times the life expectancy, stronger blow force.
-Innovative turbomachinery, more power, optimized airduct design and more powerful.
-Softly technological innovation, thicker filter and airduct technology innovvation, which makes noise lower.
-A new generation of CVT, four seasons available, the temperature and air volume for free adjustment.
-Humanization innovation, safety insulation, 5cm thick airduct, 4.5mm TPU composite fabric insulation cover.


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