• Shernbao Almighty Bathing Support ABS-007
Shernbao Almighty Bathing Support ABS-007

Shernbao Almighty Bathing Support ABS-007

  • Product description: Shernbao Almighty Bathing Support ABS-007

Shernbao Almighty Bathing Support ABS-007

1. Shampoos and conditioners at a time, applicable to most of concentrated shampoos or conditioners.

2. Quickly and easily select the shampoo or conditioner you want to use and adjust the dilution ratio of your choice.

3. Variable stepless stage metering tips to set individual dilution rates - saves time and helps reduce product waste.

4. Dilution ratio indicator assists - Only need set different shampoos and conditioners at once.

5. A bathe and rinse easy to select.

6. Non-electricaland operates off of existing water pressure. Minimizing the need for additional equipment.

7. If the water pressure is not enough, we also provide a booster pump for the optional.

8. Our easy rinse shampoos/conditioners work better.

9. Penetrating combing action decrease the need for hand scrubbing.

10. Constructed of durable stainless steel with complete accessories.

11. Easy to set up - You can do it yourself!

12. Convenient and safe.

13. Pre-dilute products, simply insert the included plastic tubes into your shampoo or conditioner.


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