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  • Fiberglass Hydrobath Bathing Tub BTS-151
Fiberglass Hydrobath Bathing Tub BTS-151

Fiberglass Hydrobath Bathing Tub BTS-151

  • Product description: Fiberglass Hydrobath Bathing Tub BTS-151 Autofill Two Tanks with Water Heating Revolutionary Hydrobath are designed to make the bathing process quicker and easier than ever before, constructed with

Fiberglass Hydrobath Bathing Tub BTS-151

The best tub for mobile pet groomers and breeders used outdoors!

The Auto-fill system offers the most time and water efficient method of hydrobathing.

Autofill simply means the holding tank automatically refills and reheats the fresh and clean water each time the holding tank empties.

1000-1800W Heater Element, adjustable thermostat - Max 40℃(104℉).

Element Protection - Durable pole, protects your heater element, never run the risk of burning one out.

The water level in the holding tank is controlled by a bubble float, so it refills and reheats each time it's emptied.

There is a level at the front of the bath allows you to alternate easily between the two tanks - Holding tank & Wash tank.

Holding tank - Approx 15 Liters (smaller tank, heats quicker, automatically refills & reheats each time).

Wash tank - Approx 5 Lietrs Min - 20 Liters Max (depending on the size of the dog) - Water efficient!


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