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Shernbao was in Pet Fair Asia 2019

Shernbao was in Pet Fair Asia 2019-Shernbao's 20th anniversary!

Pet Fair Asia is the benchmark exhibition for pet supplies in Asia-Pacific. The event gives a significant importance to Asian markets and proposes a wide coverage of the supply chain and sourcing needs.

From 21-25 August, 2019
Country: Shanghai, China

Shernbao Pet Products Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was established in 1999 as a comprehensive manufacturing and trading company.

In this year Pet Fair Asia, we celebrated Shernbao's 20th year. It is a great honour for us to be here to announce the closing of our company's 20th anniversary.

During 5-day exhibition, we showed our latest designs include scissors, force dryer for cat, etc.

Our exhibition attracted a lot of attention from customers.

Customers actively participate in our lottery. These lucky participants were very happy with their prizes.


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