• Anionic Stand Dryer PSD-918 with new features
Anionic Stand Dryer PSD-918 with new features

Anionic Stand Dryer PSD-918 with new features

  • Product description: Anionic Stand Dryer with new features

Anionic Stand Dryer PSD-918

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Experience hands-free fluff drying. Powerful and versatile, quiet and more efficient.
Anion technology to reduce static, which make hair fluffy easily.
Aluminum alloy shell, elegant, strong and durable.
The brushless DC motor and turbofan is made in Japan, this dryer requires much less maintenance and has a long lifetime. It's the only dryer you'll need in pet grooming shop.


·Variable stepless wind speed and temperature controls.
·Specially designed encoder switch for wind speed and temperature adjustment, and easy to use.
·Electronic switch without friction between components, operational safe and durable.
·Automatic synchronization of wind speed and temperature to prevent overheating.
·Mica long life heating element with thermal overload cutout.
·Hand adjustable swivel nozzle turns 360°, easy to be positioned at any angle, easily positioned.
·Japanese made heavy duty 1/4 HP motor and turbofan, precision, strong and durable.
·As a result of our advanced technology, the noise level is greatly reduced, as low as 58 dB.
·9 LED displays wind speed temperature, accurate and reliable.
·Advanced tourmaline brushes generate anions, up to 6million / cm3. that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture and help tame unruly hair and help straighten curly coats.


Anionic Stand Pet Dryer PSD-918 Parameters

The height can be adjusted. durable, flexible movement.
The horizontal direction can be rotated 360°.
High quality wheels, without clamping hair, free maintenance, free cleaning.

Anionic Stand Pet Dryer PSD-918


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