• Pet Dryer SHD-2200P Single Motor
  • Pet Dryer SHD-2200P Single Motor
Pet Dryer SHD-2200P Single MotorPet Dryer SHD-2200P Single Motor

Pet Dryer SHD-2200P Single Motor

  • Product description: Powerful single motor dryer

SHD-2200P / 2800P  Single Motor Dryer

Incredible power, incredible value, this single motor dryer outperforms most dual

motor dryers, its wind velocity and blow force has to be expereinced to be believed.

Upgraded based on "Monster", Using high efficiency 2200W motor , which approved and
acknowledged by it's super power.
*With improved inner structure and air flow mode. to keep the s uper blast and large air volume.
*More safe and better durability by the newly designed external appearance,
Elegant polished surface in luxury stoving varnish.
*It is great for business use like grooming or breeder, also wo nderful for professional
competition purpose, due to variable wind speed and volume continuously freely.
*SHD-2800P equipped with additional heating unit, drying faster than SHD-2200P,
save more time, also more suitable in winter for cold regions.

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